Business Election Law and Digital

Given the impacts of several electoral regulations on traditional companies and online platforms, which have been the stage of important debates, our firm features a team fully dedicated to working on all fronts of Business Election Law and Digital Election Law.

Our professionals have an active role in the Election Law field, having participated in numerous Elections by working on the preparatory and litigation phases, as well as being part of panels at the main Election Law events across Brazil. Additionally, they author diverse articles that contribute to the increasingly in-depth discussions on this matter. Based on our broad expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive assistance.

We are one of the pioneers in structuring an exclusive practice area that provides tailored planning and comprises services as follows:

Advisory assistance


  • Business model analysis and mapping of appropriate adaptations to comply with electoral regulations;
  • Guidance on the preparatory phase that precedes the Elections period, providing support in the execution of all internal procedures to be adopted in compliance with the established rules, including not only the training of internal teams but also the preparation of informative materials and eventual changes in internal policies;
  • Drafting memos on a wide range of questions from our clients.

Legislative and regulatory strategic planning (Advocacy)

  • Participation in the process of defining the rules for each Election, with the submission of suggestions for regulatory changes that impact each client, including the exposure in public hearings held by the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court;
  • Engagement with electoral authorities.

Election Litigation

  • Representation in judicial and extrajudicial electoral lawsuits, encompassing the most diverse topics and authorities, in all spheres and instances.

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