Government Sales

The supply of goods and services to the Brazilian Public Administration, which comprises over 5,500 municipalities, 27 states and the Union, holds opportunities for all sectors. TozziniFreire is one of the most traditional advisory law firms of clients in business with public agencies, operating from the preparation of companies for this purpose, assistance in bidding processes and contracts, until the defense in sanctioning proceedings, internal investigations and negotiation of agreements.

Through a preventive approach, TozziniFreire assists companies with the structuring of their commercial, legal and compliance areas in order to sell to the government more securely, advising the business from the pre-bidding stage and throughout the contract lifecycle, avoiding problems and mitigating risks before control bodies.

However, in case of unwanted situations, such as allegations of fraud, corruption or anti-competitive conduct, we have extensive experience in independent investigations, defense in sanctioning administrative proceedings and civil and criminal cases, as well as in negotiations of agreements with authorities.

Our multidisciplinary performance comprises the following practice areas: Administrative Law, Government Relations, Antitrust, Compliance & Investigation, Litigation, and White-Collar Crimes.

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