Government Relations

Given the complexity of the government structure and the intricate Brazilian regulatory framework, it becomes increasingly necessary, in order for companies to reach their strategic goals, to have an organized front in dealing with the Legislative and Executive Branches. TozziniFreire’s lawyers in the field of government relations understand the intersections between businesses (especially those highly regulated) and public policies, and are ready to provide all the legal support that their clients need in their relationships with the government, following the highest ethical standards and worldwide compliance demands.


Our work consists in drafting and executing a strategic plan for government relations with the client and following up on legislative and regulatory issues at the federal, state and municipal levels. We also assist our clients in public hearings and congressional investigative committees before the National Congress, State Legislative Assemblies and City Councils, as well as in proceedings before Audit Courts, among other services.


The firm’s full-service structure and presence in key Brazilian cities, including Brasília, allows us to meet entirely our clients’ goals with teams specialized in all areas of the law, as well as sector groups.

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