Oil & Gas

TozziniFreire’s Oil & Gas group works in upstream, midstream and downstream operations, assisting clients in the various activities of the oil and gas chain, as well as in regulatory aspects involving the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Bio-Fuel Agency (Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis - ANP). We have wide-ranging experience in representing companies that are either starting or restructuring their business in Brazil, as well as those engaging in the acquisition of Brazilian companies or structuring a joint venture either with an international or a Brazilian company.

We also offer legal assistance in drafting, negotiating, and analyzing risks in contracts that are commonly present in the oil and gas sector, including concession contracts; EPCs; equipment provision; farm-in; and joint operating agreements (JOAs), among others.

Experience and deep knowledge of the sector enable our lawyers to conduct legal matters related to the industry in a precise, effective and proactive manner to meet the sector’s new regulatory environment.


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