TozziniFreire’s Education team has wide experience in providing legal services to companies in the sector, including universities, elementary schools, non-profit institutions, language schools, and technical and vocational courses.


We advise the many different players in the educational industry, both national and foreign, on every legal aspect, ensuring technical expertise and mastering the specific needs of educational institutions and the market. Aware of the current scenario, in which educational institutions face increasing financial pressure, regulatory demands, fierce competition, as well as fast-moving technological opportunities and risks, our specialized group is able to manage risks inherent in the sector and anticipate market trends, providing clients with the best legal solutions so that their businesses can grow safely and sustainably.


Our multidisciplinary structure, together with TozziniFreire’s full-service practice, allows us to assist clients in legal matters of different natures, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, capital markets transactions, private equity, tax administrative and judicial proceedings, labor issues, service contracts, procedures involving bodies such as CONAR (Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Council), and legal regulatory consultancy, among others.


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