Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary area in essence. As a long-term relationship system, it is an increasingly necessary and strategic practice to any organization that intends to stand out in its market field. This area has several correlations with other areas of Law (such as corporate law, contracts, compliance and capital markets), as well as with other sciences (such as business administration, economics, finance, and people management). In its structural, procedural, personal, and cultural dimensions, corporate governance systems are always improving, responding not only to business crises but also to the challenges of the organizations’ setting, financing, and expansion, precisely to recover or improve its reputation with their target audience (stakeholders).


TozziniFreire's Corporate Governance multidisciplinary team provides the following services:


  • Governance / ESG Assessment, in both (formal and material) aspects, including the review, suggestion, and implementation of internal measures and mechanisms;
  • Responsibility of officers and directors from a preventive and/or responsive perspective;
  • Assistance in preparing for IPOs, public offerings, business combinations and any other financial and capital market transactions;
  • Implementation of a Governance Officer structure;
  • Evaluation, support, and advice to advisory committees and to Boards of Directors;
  • Consulting and training in corporate governance, corporate and contractual aspects of business combinations and corporate law.


Our team provides strategic advice to boards, committees and companies, as well as other advisory bodies, on corporate governance matters, besides working on processes involving audit and anti-corruption issues. Additionally, we participate in several discussion forums and representative entities regarding the subject, such as IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance) and IBRADEMP (Brazilian Institute of Business Law), promoting studies and discussions for the development of the topic.



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