TozziniFreire's multidisciplinary group of Sustainable and Impact Investing gathers professionals passionate about investments, business and projects capable of generating positive social and environmental impact.

Considering the scope of sustainable and impactful investments, the group has a multidisciplinary structure, comprised of highly qualified professionals in the areas of financial and capital markets, investment funds, third sector, endowments, philanthropy, environmental, climate change, corporate governance, human rights, innovation, corporate, compliance, tax, labor, and government relations, which combine technical skills with the purpose of generating a positive impact on the communities in which they operate, offering our clients a broad range of services.

Once again, TozziniFreire is a pioneer among the Brazilian full-service law firms by creating a group dedicated exclusively to sustainable and impactful investments. TozziniFreire was also a trailblazer in the implementation of internal policies of diversity, social responsibility, pro bono and compliance, as well as its code of ethics.

Since its foundation, the firm is aware of its responsibility and promotes actions in favor of the conscious participation of each individual in society. Such initiatives have multiplied and the firm's social performance has been consolidated in ever more comprehensive projects. Therefore, reaffirming our values, in 2017, TozziniFreire signed the UN Global Compact – an initiative to engage companies in adopting fundamental principles related to human rights, citizenship and sustainability.

Among the cases advised by the firm, we highlight the first public offering of social debentures (social bonds) in Brazil, related to Programa Vivenda. This trailblazing initiative was fully assisted on a pro bono basis by TozziniFreire. The funds raised through social bonds aim to finance families in low-income communities where the program operates. The expectation is that this initiative will positively impact the lives of more than 32 thousand people, over five years. This transaction was awarded as an inspiring practice in the contest “La Vivienda en el Centro de la Nueva Agenda Urbana”, organized by UN-HABITAT, being disseminated in more than 200 countries as a model to be followed.

We also assisted Faro Energy in the first public offering of sustainable debentures (sustainable bonds) in Brazil and Sitawi in the first online platform for investment in businesses with a social and environmental impact in Brazil.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided legal assistance to the global movement Sistema B in structuring CoVida20, a lending program that offers lower interest rates and more flexible payment terms to small companies engaged with impact businesses and committed to maintaining jobs and income.


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