Corporate Governance

In an increasingly uncertain, complex, and multidisciplinary business environment, the so-called “corporate governance best practices” combine the legality, efficiency, and integrity vectors in business, aiming at reaching the highest possible level of legitimacy with all stakeholders of organizations, regardless of whether they are public or private, of their size, legal nature, capital structure or sector. By converting transparency, accountability, equality, and corporate responsibility principles, the corporate governance mechanisms contribute to mitigate potential conflicts of interests, bias, and individual limitations, which are inherently part of any decision-making process in any organization or institution.

Corporate governance, in both its formal and material dimensions, is a continuous developing process in response to the increasing demand for transparency, integrity, and sustainability in management. Inclusion, diversity, and topics related to environment, the so-called ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) are relevant issues in a deeper level of such discussion.

TozziniFreire has a multidisciplinary team specialized in several topics regarding corporate governance. Our professionals act in numerous projects directly or indirectly related to corporate governance, which are increasingly being demanded in the firm’s practice, including family business restructuring, M&A and IPO transactions, privatization processes, governance of state-owned companies, directors’ and officers’ liability, corporate disputes, implementation of corporate governance mechanisms for startup companies, and corporate governance assessments for the improvement of internal mechanisms and management as a whole.

Our team participates in diverse discussion groups and associations specialized in corporate governance, such as IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance) and IBRADEMP (Brazilian Institute of Business Law), taking part in studies and projects on this topic alongside several other representatives who also support it. We are prepared to assist private and public organizations to identify and measure their stage of corporate governance development, to assess the potential risks, to recommend incremental and specific measures, and to accompany the implementation of a project specifically designed in accordance with the needs of your organization and according to its respective challenges.


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