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July 18, 2019

TozziniFreire Releases LGBTI+ Booklet

In June, TozziniFreire released its LGBTI+ Booklet. The publication aims at bringing knowledge about gender and sexuality, besides clarifying, in a simple way, what the acronym LGBTI+ stands for.

The booklet was written by lawyers Daniel Born Roman, Daniela Guarita Jambor, Jackson de Freitas Ferreira and Miguel Cavalcante Lopes; and partner Vladimir Miranda Abreu authored the introduction. The idea of the booklet came from discussions of TFAffinity group, which is open to all employees who are interested in the subject and want to join the meetings.

The publication, available in Portuguese, is divided into five parts. The first chapter, Conceitos Básicos, addresses the importance of knowing the concepts to better understand the diversity; the second one, Movimento LGBTI+, tells us the story of the movement. The following chapters are about what each letter of the abbreviation L.G.B.T.I. represents, as well as on the denotation of the symbol “+”.  

Click here to read (Portuguese only)

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