A scope assessment procedure concerning anti-dumping duties to imports of tires has been introduced

December 04, 2023

A scope assessment procedure was initiated on December 4, 2023 in relation to anti-dumping duties applied to imports of cargo tires for buses and trucks, 20”, 22” and 22.5” rims from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Thailand, according to SECEX Circular No. 49/2023.


Scope assessment procedures aim to clarify whether or not a given product is subject to a trade remedy in force. In the case in question, there are anti-dumping duties in place on imports of cargo tires (classified under NCM 4011.20.90) from China, South Korea, Japan (suspended), Russia, and Thailand, pursuant to GECEX Resolution 198/2021. The Brazilian government detected an increase in imports of cargo tires mounted on wheels, and imported under NCM 8716.90.90. In fact, this procedure was initiated by DECOM (Brazilian Department of Trade Remedies) ex officio, based on a consultation by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB).


The procedure will take 60 to 120 days to be concluded, and interested parties have 20 days to register to participate in this procedure.

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