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July 28, 2020

COVID-19 | Life Sciences & Healthcare - Medical Prescriptions

Life Sciences and Healthcare updated on July 28 at 06:31 pm

New law guarantees the validity of medical or dental prescriptions during the COVID-19 crisis

Law No. 14,028/2020, published in the Federal Official Gazette of July 28, 2020, modifies Law No. 13,979/2020 to determine that the medical or dental prescription of continuous-use prescription drugs will be valid at least while the isolation measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic are in force.

The rules are effective as of the Law publication date and are not applicable to prescription of medicines subject to special control, as provided by Ordinance SVS/MS No. 344/1998. For these drugs, the requirements of RDC ANVISA No. 357/2020 (which temporarily changed the rules for the prescription and dispensing of controlled drugs) must be followed.

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