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October 05, 2021

Anti-dumping investigation on the imports of butyl acrylate from Russia

Anti-dumping investigation on the imports of butyl acrylate from Russia


On October 1, Circular SECEX No. 66/2021 initiated an investigation on the exports from Russia of butyl acrylate, commonly classified under the NCM code 2916.12.30.

Butyl acrylate is used to manufacture acrylic resins (solvent-based), dispersions (water-based), and their derivatives (additives for the textile industry, the household wax industry, and the paint industry). In turn, these products are used in the formulation of real estate paints, industrial paints, adhesives, among others.

The BASF S.A. filed the petition.

The analysis of the dumping’s evidence considered the period of January to December/2020 and the injury analysis considered January/2016 to December/2020.

For the purpose of the investigation’s initiation, the following absolute and relative dumping margins were determined for Russia:

Dumping Margin - Russia
Value US$/t
Export Price
Absolut Dumping
Margin US$/t
Dumping Margin (%)
1,635.98 997.03 638.95 64.1%

A public interest procedure started simultaneously, with the purpose of identifying possible impacts of the imposition of the anti-dumping measure on economic agents, which could be potentially more harmful when compared to the positive effects of the application of the trade defense measure. It has the same deadlines as the anti-dumping sunset review.

The parties interested (Exporters, Importers, other Domestic Producers) can cooperate with the investigation by submitting their response to the Questionnaire, ensuring that the final decision is based on precise data, and also benefitting from an individual dumping margin (which tends to be lower than the margin calculated based on the facts available).

Vera Kanas
Partner - São Paulo


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