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The relationship between Brazil and Portugal goes far beyond history and commercial activity, which is extremely relevant for both countries and for Europe as a whole: there are more than 500 years of very close coexistence, which continues to this day.

Operating with all the necessary knowledge of the legislation and peculiarities of both countries, TozziniFreire’s Portuguese Desk can be considered as one of the most active and comprehensive foreign desks among Brazilian firms.

The group currently has two partners. João Ribeiro da Costa, native of Portugal, who has lived and worked in the Brazilian market for around 20 years, and maintains daily contact with Portuguese clients and firms, associations, entities, and relationship networks, in addition to the governments of Brazil and Portugal, ensuring the best channel to support the generation of business in a safe and agile way.

Giovanni Paolo Falcetta, Brazilian and one of the partners responsible for the firms’ relationship with Europe, works alongside with João in this role. Together, they consolidate TozziniFreire’s differential for the region, combining global expertise, local action, and constancy to develop and consolidate the three pillars of the Portuguese Desk:


  1. Improving the business environment between Brazil and Portugal, through the promotion of solid partnerships.
  2. Taking active role in relationship networks and associations to prospect joint opportunities.
  3. Combining the local and international expertise of both partners to deliver a service with high added-value to our clients and partners.

With in-depth performance, we advise Portuguese and European companies that, from Portugal, want to invest in Brazil. In addition, we also support Brazilian companies seeking international expansion. We operate in the most diverse market sectors, including, among others, the industrial, energy, technology, food, education, financial, real estate, and tourism segments.

The Portuguese Desk also operates on other traditional Portuguese trade routes: Africa, China, and India. By making the most of the relationship and historical commercial agreements between Portugal and these countries, the Portuguese Desk uses its skills to add value to companies in these 3 geographies as they approach Brazil

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