Financial Innovation

We are living in unprecedented times in financial and capital markets. Technology, along with the interest of regulatory bodies in fostering the market through the entry of new participants, has allowed the establishment of new business models aiming to financial solutions.

As the first full-service Brazilian law firm to concentrate on innovation and entrepreneurship, featuring broad experience in the capital markets, banking and finance areas, TozziniFreire has introduced an exclusive practice focused on financial innovation, with the goal of monitoring trends in the creation and development of new financial instruments.

The firm is ready to offer to its clients the cutting-edge products and structures in the financial and capital markets. We assist fintechs, payment institutions, banks and companies from different industries that aim to verticalize their value chain by offering financial services to their consumers. lWe want to be a benchmark of financial products development for our clients.

We advise on matters related to financial and payment services, instant payments, PIX (The Brazilian Central Bank’s digital instant payment system), fintechs, blockchain, crypto assets, crowdfunding, Open Banking and regulatory sandbox. Additionally, we provide assistance in the development of new structures and business models, legal instruments and internal policies, as well as in the constitution of Direct Credit Societies (SCD) and Personal Lending Societies (SEP), regulatory aspects, among others.


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