Business and Human Rights

TozziniFreire’s Business and Human Rights practice area provides advisory and litigation assistance to companies in human rights issues and their national and international parameters, including regulatory, legal and reputational risk analysis, strategic planning and verification of positive and negative impacts of the company's performance on human rights, following the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other national and international parameters. As a pillar of our ESG Multidisciplinary Group, it includes the company´s perception considering four spheres: (i) the internal public (employees and service providers), (ii) the community in which it operates and its surroundings, (iii) the core activity (service or product generated), and (iv) the production and supply chain.

Among the services we offer are:

• Human rights due diligence and compliance

• Resolution of human rights conflicts (as defendant and plaintiff)

• Structuring of companies, funds, impact banks and hybrid businesses

• Advisory: guidance on human rights and social and environmental responsibility standards

• Negotiations with Public Prosecutor's Office and other supervisory bodies

• EcoBanking, responsible investing, and social-environmental investments


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