Consistent with the growing demand for business models that offer a sustainable development alternative, we have established several systemic practices related to economic, social, cultural, and environmental concerns.

These initiatives complement our Compliance, Social Responsibility, Diversity, and Corporate Governance expertise, providing consistency across our practices and adding greater meaning to our work.

When it comes to client service, our lawyers and staff share a strong commitment to ethical conduct and integrity. In line with this commitment, we were the first law firm in Brazil to develop a compliance program. Besides complying with the Bar Association of Brazil’s Code of Ethics, we established our own Code of Conduct and Ethics, which applies to all members of the organization and serves as a reflection of our commitment to employees, clients, businesses, authorities and society in general.

The compliance program is founded on a continuous effort to educate our lawyers and staff on the importance of ethical professional conduct. We conduct regular internal workshops and training on compliance matters and firm policies. These principles define the means by which we provide client service and interact with other stakeholders.

Since 2006, TozziniFreire has been a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE), a North American organization exclusively dedicated to developing standards of compliance and ethics with numerous members worldwide.

Created in 2004, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program aims to support and nurture our country’s well-being. We invest in inspiring projects geared towards underprivileged youths, focusing on three main pillars: environmental, society and technological education.

The program is managed by a group of partners and involves all attorneys and staff of the firm, who serve as volunteers for a variety of community activities. In addition, we have implemented environment-sustaining practices in all of our offices and continuously work to create awareness among our lawyers, staff and stakeholders about the importance of leading responsible lifestyles. We also maintain an ongoing effort toward waste reduction, materials recycling and energy saving.

One of the firm’s major efforts involves our work with the NGO Partners in Education, which is dedicated to the improvement of public education in the country. We have partnered with a public school near our main office in Sao Paulo, where we work to place students in remedial classes, to provide teachers with skill-enhancing opportunities, and to invest in the improvement of school facilities.

Our volunteers also participate in a range of activities aimed at conveying social concepts and practical solutions for legal issues. Together, we work on these issues with our partner school, as well as NGOs such as UNIBES – Brazilian-Israeli Association of Social Welfare and Adere – Association for Development, Education and Recovery of the Exceptional.

We pride ourselves with maintaining a diverse firm and strive to hire talented people from a variety of backgrounds.

The firm has several initiatives focused on diversity. One of our main initiatives is the Inclusion Program, which serves to promote and support the careers of professionals with disabilities.

Another initiative is The Youth Apprentice Program, which helps young adults with their transition from school to the working world. By acquiring specific skills and gaining work experience at the firm, participants increase their employability and become acquainted with essential concepts that will guide their careers. In addition, the program works to develop well-rounded professionals so they can easily compete in the job market.

Our culture of diversity is also evidenced by the number of women at TozziniFreire, as well as those in leadership positions. We are proud of the fact that this is part of the essence of our culture and has come to exist without the need for a special program to increase the number of women professionals or to recognize their leadership and talent in the firm. We offer several initiatives to promote work-life balance, including internal facilities, health programs, support groups, personal counseling, and networking opportunities.

Recognized by clients and peers as a benchmark in Brazil for excellence in the management of professional services companies, we were the first major law firm to implement internal management committees and to create corporate governance policies.

Charged with managing the firm, our Executive Committee is recognized as the decision-making body within the firm. Composed of the founding partner, Chairman Jose Luis de Salles Freire, and six other members elected by a group of partners every two years, the committee is responsible for setting strategic guidelines, ensuring representation of its members’ interests and building upon the firm’s business sustainability.
Additionally, our executive subcommittees, which are composed of members of the Executive Committee and partners at our various offices, work together to maintain the firm as a cohesive entity and to ensure strategic alignment of the specific interests of our regional offices.

Our Management Committee is comprised of three members of the Executive Committee, and is responsible for overseeing the firm’s administrative departments, which is comprised of four directorates: Administration and Finance, Human and Organizational Development, Business Development and Corporate Communication, and Information Technology.

The Committee for Monitoring and Operational Integration is the firm’s operation monitoring body, and aims at recommending necessary actions in administrative matters to the Executive Committee, in addition to promoting the integration of our offices. It is composed of partners elected every two years, the Management Committee’s members, the administrative directors and the partner responsible for the Legal Support and Quality Committee.