Consistent with the growing demand for business models that offer a sustainable development alternative, we have established several systemic practices related to economic, social, cultural, and environmental concerns.

These initiatives complement our Compliance, Social Responsibility, Diversity, and Corporate Governance expertise, providing consistency across our practices and adding greater meaning to our work.

Since 2006, TozziniFreire has been a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE), a North American organization exclusively dedicated to developing standards of compliance and ethics with numerous members worldwide.

When it comes to client service, our lawyers and staff share a strong commitment to ethical conduct and integrity. In line with this commitment, we were the first law firm in Brazil to develop a compliance program. Besides complying with the Bar Association of Brazil’s Code of Ethics, we established our own Code of Conduct and Ethics, which applies to all members of the organization and serves as a reflection of our commitment to employees, clients, businesses, authorities and society in general.

We have a strong commitment to ethics and integrity providing our services. The compliance program is founded on a continuous effort to educate our lawyers and staff on the importance of ethical professional conduct. We conduct regular internal workshops and training on compliance matters and firm policies. These principles define the means by which we provide client service and interact with other stakeholders.

TozziniFreire Social Responsibility Program was conceived in 2003 to serve as an instrument for the development of citizenship among low-income youth in São Paulo.

The choice of this direction in our social responsibility activities is a result of our beliefs that citizenship is the concrete expression of the exercise of democracy and that it is directly related to the conscious and responsible participation of each individual in society.

The practice of the legal profession includes the full understanding of the legislation and the dedication of efforts so that laws are followed in favor of compliance in social dynamics. A law firm should therefore be accountable to society for providing and fostering knowledge that enables the exercise of citizenship.

Social Responsibility Group

The awareness of these responsibilities, which naturally existed among the lawyers of TozziniFreire, have eased the formation of the Social Responsibility Group (GRS). This group was given the duty of defining investment strategies in Social Responsibility and the guidelines related to this practice. 

Currently, the GRS is composed of eight partners and it embraces professional practice in the coordination and execution of activities.

Guided by ethical conduct and transparency, the relations of the GRS with the groups that it supports are long term and have also last for more than ten years.