Litigation Management

In view of the increasing number of lawsuits against large companies in Brazil, and to meet the demand of many of our customers, we have developed a specialized area of litigation management.

Focused on cost reduction and the standardization of procedures across lawsuits, our Litigation Management practice group manages civil, labor, and consumer actions throughout the country. As a result, our clients enjoy the convenience of having a single firm capable of handling any demand nationwide.

Our team has extensive experience in litigating and designing settlement agreements, often terminating a significant number of suits at once. Our lawyers have also worked with the Attorney General in several investigations involving legislation related to workplace safety and health, outsourcing, fulfillment of quotas for hiring disabled employees, bullying and harassment, payment systems, and consumer rights legislation, among other issues.

To achieve the greatest efficiencies, we use cutting-edge technology systems. Thanks these tools and our centralized planning, the Litigation Management group has significantly reduced the liabilities facing our clients and supported changes in their business strategies.


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