Consumer Affairs

Since the enactment of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code, which modernized the country’s body of law governing consumer rights, our consumer affairs practice has worked extensively to counsel clients on compliance with consumer rights legislation and represent them in related litigation.

Our consumer affairs practice is fully qualified to advise on guidance and regulations issued by the Bureau of Consumer Protection (Procon), enforcement actions initiated by the Public Ministry, and company training programs using consumer services (SAC) staff.

Our professionals have broad experience structuring and reviewing contracts involving consumer relations and regularly provide counsel on advertising campaigns to ensure that the means of supplying product and service information are in accordance with the law.

With extensive litigation experience, our professionals are qualified to assist clients at all stages of litigation, including filing lawsuits, drafting defenses and appeals, and appearing before Procon, the Consumer Protection Office, the Public Ministry, Small Claims Court, and the Ordinary Court System.


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