Government Contracts and Projects - Administrative Law

The government, contracts and projects practice specializes in public procurement proceedings as well as contractual, regulatory, and tax-liability disputes arising between private sector businesses and government entities or state-owned companies.

Our professionals possess broad experience in assisting clients at all stages of the public procurement process, negotiating government agreements, and resolving disputes arising from the performance of these agreements.

Since the 1990s, activity in the private sector has rapidly increased. Our government, contracts and projects practice has met the demand for guidance in industries previously barred from the public arena, and regularly advises clients on matters involving the privatization of state-owned companies and infrastructure such as ports, toll-roads, railways, and airports.

In addition, the government, contracts and projects practice has significant experience interfacing on a range of matters with regulatory agencies, as well as monitoring and oversight bodies such as the Brazilian Audit Court.

Our professionals also assist in the development of projects with Brazilian public authorities in connection with invitations to bid, structuring of the privatization processes, and preparation and drafting of public-private partnership agreements.



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