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April 10, 2019

Tozzinifreire Advogados and ABO2O announce partnership

TozziniFreire is the new maintainer of the Brazilian Association O2O (Online to Offline)

TozziniFreire Advogados will be the legal maintainer of the Brazilian Association O2O (Online to Offline). The purpose of the partnership is to support the organization in order to, jointly, discuss legal and regulatory aspects that affect the business environment of the technology sector through meetings, events organization and production of articles.

The idea of ​​working together came to meet the extremely positive scenario for e-commerce in Brazil. According to Worldpay Inc.'s Global Payments Report 2018 (NSE: WP; LSE: WPY), revenues are estimated at R$ 146,96 billion (US$ 38,5 billion) over the next four years.

As reported by Opinion Box, the sector O2O is booming in Brazil. Among users of smartphone, 74% bought it through apps or websites. Private transportation in taxis and private cars is accessed by 64% of the interviewees. The ticket industry makes 25% of its sales through digital platforms. In addition, 20% of hotel bookings are made online. According to Vitor Magnani, president of the Association, “these digital platforms make the connection between supply and demand, reducing the asymmetry of information between consumers and entrepreneurs, as they offer more data to both ends”.    

As far as the firm’s choice, the industry experience has spoken louder. “We consider that, as a full-service law firm with expertise in the digital ecosystem, the partnership with TozziniFreire is a great option to meet ABO2O´s expectations, said Vitor Magnani.

Conforming to Victor Fonseca, Innovation specialist and coordinator of ThinkFuture, TozziniFreire’s structured innovation program, the initiative is seen as a complement to the actions accomplished by the firm, a pioneer in providing legal services in the areas of technology and entrepreneurship. “The work of TozziniFreire, as a consultant for fintechs, lawtechs and other startups, or in cooperation with accelerators, capital funds and universities, has been carried out for almost five years and we continue to invest strategically in the training of lawyers to build a further effective performance in this segment” says the lawyer.

TozziniFreire has an area of ​​Technology and Innovation composed by a multidisciplinary team led by eleven partners of different practices: Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation, Capital Markets, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Compliance, Intellectual Property, Labor and Tax.

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